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Tunde - the soul of an artist, whose songs portray meaningful topics, while at

the same time invite you to dance to fresh rhythms and pop sounds with elements of dance music and contemporary sounds of trap and dancehall. Tünde invites listeners and viewers to a journey into “everlasting” love!

At the end of 2017, Tunde (Tünde Jakab) rediscovers a passion that she had left behind for the past few years: writing lyrics and composing her own songs. It was at that moment that she made the decision to start 2018 with a new resolution which was to take singing classes on a regular basis without realizing that this would completely change her musical and artistic expression.

After a lifetime dedicated to being a classical flutist with studies in Vienna and Graz, experience in performing arts, touring and even having her portfolio album as a flute soloist in classical music, Tunde feels the need to give a twist to her musical career and, with an average of 20 songs in demo version already, decides to take a break in summer 2018 and see how to produce and release the songs in a pop format.

In September 2018, she meets with Sxmuel (Samuel Montoya) and together they make a work plan for the production of three musical themes, all written and with basic arrangement by Tunde herself.

Tunde resumes her commitments as a classical musician in November on a tour through Europe and another tour through Asia in December 2018 with the idea that on her return, she will go to the recording studio to record the vocals for her first three singles: “Everlasting Love”, the main theme of the project, “Almost Midnight”, a theme that continues the concept with pop sound and urban elements established already in “Everlasting Love”, and a third single called “Take me Out” with which Sxmuel as producer decides to take Tunde out of her comfort zone of European Pop and experiment with 808 sounds typical for trap, a catchy beat typical for the Caribbean(Dancehall), which Sxmuel is very familiar with.

In January 2019, the vocals are recorded in the Plattenwerk studio in Vienna, Austria. In the following, the beats are defined and final instrumentals are elaborated by beatmakers from different places in the world, which adds a global touch and sound to the themes. February is the post-production phase for the songs and a date and launch of the project is set for March 28th, 2019.

In summer and autumn 2019 Tunde releases 3 further singles and an acoustic unplugged EP. Her trap anthem "Nobody Knows" is awarded second prize in the RnB / Hip Hop category of the International Songwriting Competition 2019.

Tunde, originally from Slovakia with Hungarian roots, a classical music artist who has in only one year achieved the transition to be a singer of Pop music and now goes on to conquer the public, radio, and stages.



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