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"Tünde Jakab is a chameleon."


“Tünde Jakab definitely proves that pop from Austria can be much more than just the well-known Ö3 noise. She skilfully plays with different facets and enchants her listeners in a charming way.”

“An excellent performance by Tünde Jakab and her band. The positive energy, emotions and love that she puts into her songs, spread like a spark to the audience. Thank you for the unique experience.” RSKS (Austro-Slovak Cultural Center)

“Her powerful vocals fit perfectly with the dynamic arrangement and make “Noise Off” a song you want to listen to on repeat.”
Wiener Bezirksblatt

Upcoming Dates

15.11.2023 Cafe Nuovo, Wiener Neustadt

1.12.2023 Healing Wave Opening, Fuengirola, Spain

6.12.2023  LOOP, Vienna

7.12.2023 Cafe Concerto, Vienna

12.12.2023  Troy´s Bar, London

13.12.2023  TAM, London

16.12.2023 RSKS, Vienna

11.1.2024 Cafe Caspar, Vienna



The Love Revolution

Album 2023

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All Videos



Crowned “Pop Queen of Penzing” by the Vienna District Gazette, Tünde Jakab lives up to this title by delivering a dynamic debut album that transcends genres. Although she remains true to the pop spirit, her jazz and blues leanings are undeniable. At the heart of the former concert flautist's music is the soul of an artist, whose songs paint a vivid picture of a love worth fighting for. Tünde's music is a perfect mix of catchy melodies, soulful vocals, happy rhythms and lyrics that are clever and relatable. Her powerful vocals fit perfectly with the dynamic arrangements.

As the daughter of a family of musicians, it was clear that Tünde would pursue an artistic path. Originally from Slovakia with Hungarian roots, her musical talent was obvious from the start. Tünde studied classical flute in Vienna and Graz, Austria. Armed with a master's degree and a few years as an active traveling artist under her belt, she decides to make a 180° turn and dedicates her life to her secret dream of producing her own songs as a singer and songwriter in a pop format. After four years of working with multiple producers and recording dozens of songs, Tünde feels ready to release her debut album, The Love Revolution. The album was recorded and produced by Austrian producer Thomas Mora. The single “Come Back” achieved initial radio success and was placed on rotation on Radio Vienna ORF and many smaller radio stations at home and abroad.

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