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Born into a family of musicians, there was no doubt little Tünde would take the artistic path herself. Originally from Slovakia with Hungarian roots, her musical talent demonstrated from the very beginnings as she started winning first prizes on all national and international competitions she attended. She quickly discovered music was her calling and followed her passion to becoming a professional musician by moving to Austria to study flute on the University of Music Vienna (MDW) and the University of Music in Graz (KUG), where in 2018 she has earned a masters degree and graduated with highest honors. By this time Tünde was deeply rooted in the classical music scene enjoying the life of a touring artist, working with some of the most renowned classical music artists in Europe.

Right around the time of her graduation, Tünde felt the need to give a twist to her musical career and rediscovered a hidden passion: songwriting. She started taking vocal lessons. This completely changed her musical and artistic expression and Tünde started looking for possibilities to produce her own music in a pop format.

In September 2018, Tünde met Sxmuel (Samuel Montoya) who became the main producer of her project for 2019 and 2020. Out of this cooperation, while working together with several other producers, came two EPs and a trap anthem "Nobody Knows“, awarded second prize in the RnB / Hip Hop category of The International Songwriting Competition 2019.

2020 Tünde spent mostly in the studio recording her first pop album, Metamorphosis.  However, still looking for her musical and artistic identity, she decided not to release the album.

In January 2021, Tünde met Georg Gabler, Dominik Wendl and the GAB Music Factory team to begin a new chapter. Finding a way how to connect the past and the future, incorporating Tünde as a flautist into the pop project and bringing her vocals and radiant personality to shine became the cornerstone of a new musical era for Tünde.


Upcoming Events

  • 01. Juli, 20:00
    Wien, Althanstraße 12, 1090 Wien, Austria
    Tünde presents here upbeat new repertoire with her band in an electrifying show.
  • 29. Juni, 18:30
    Wien, Wipplingerstraße 24-26, 1010 Wien, Austria
    Tünde will play a couple of her songs unplugged with guitarist Joel Ulises at the art exhibition "Neue Welle" of Barbara Prešinská at the Slovak Institut in Vienna.

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